Live Oak Furniture Repair
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Live Oak Furniture Repair can refinish a good dining room or bedroom suite at a fraction of replacement cost. We are knowledgeable about  both modern and traditional finishes, and with our unsurpassed color-matching ability, surface repairs are undetectable. 

Wobbly chairs, chests, and tables are taken apart and the degraded glue is removed, a proper joint is fashioned, and the piece is restored to its original strength.  

​Antiques are restored with appropriate and thoughtful techniques, and with special care to enhance and not lower their value.

Live Oak Furniture Repair creates its own glues and finishes, and fashions its own veneers in the antique restoration process. Whenever possible, structural wood from the same period is spliced in.

Restoration of a fine antique is a highly specialized skill. If you have a piece of historical significance, Merritt Kaufman has the background and training to perform these restorations, and has provided these services for several historical landmarks.